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As the only medical billing solution owned and operated by medical professionals who still practice, our experience drives our decisions. We use our billing solution every day, which means we have a vested interest in keeping it cutting-edge. We’ve used the competitors’ solutions, so we know their shortcomings, and every bit of that experience helped us construct the product we offer today. A billing solution for medical professionals by medical professionals is something no one else can offer.


The biggest complaint we’ve had with past billing solutions is the total lack of transparency and customer service. To combat this industry trend, we are committed to complete and total transparency and clarity, and to that end we provide and keep detailed notes that accurately detail the lifespan of the claim. We can be contacted at anytime, and you no longer have to wait for someone’s claim to come through before it’s caught.


Since we use our own billing product everyday, you can trust that we have a vested interest in keeping cutting edge. As practicing medical professionals, we are more privy to industry trends & needs than any outside corporation could hope to be. With our fingers on the pulse of the medical community, we ensure that our product offering is the smartest on the market. At Operation Billing, we’re always forward thinking, because what benefits you also benefits us.


One of the biggest problems facing medical professionals in regards to their billing solution is the utter lack of consistency with service. We stay ahead of the game, are up to date on policies, and are able to quickly follow up on claims once they’re received. Our commitment to consistency can’t be understated. The efficiency of your operation depends on billing, and we take that responsibility very personally. Consistency is key to Operation Billing solutions.


Simplify your billing. We’ll save you money while you save lives.